What are NFTs? blockchain NFT token Unique ID and digital art. NFTs for dummies
What are NFTs? blockchain NFT token Unique ID and digital art. NFTs for dummies
how NFTs works (NFT art for beginners)

NFTs for digital art has recently exploded into the mainstream, allowing artists to be able to sell their art in a way that can sustain them, and allow the buyers of the art to own the art in a verifiable way.

In this article we will go over what NFTs actually are, the types of digital art, where your art is stored and finally red flags to look out for when shopping for NFTs.

In short, NFT art works by creating unique tokens and then attaching artwork to it, either by linking the art to the token or storing the art with the NFT on the blockchain.

There are two main types of art, generative and non-generative. Non-generative is created by a person. …


Chances are you found this article either by being directly sent it or as a reply to a tweet about something horrible happening that is not getting the coverage it deserved.

I don’t need to tell you how broken news is right now. The misaligned incentives, lack of transparency, creeping biases. I don’t need to tell you this because deep inside you know. You can feel it. Just like I can.

I am trying to fix this with News Buff. An application that I am building to fix the base layer of news: us. The people. …

TLDR; Getting liquidity to launch a token is a non-trivial feat. Either you foot the bill and put up your personal funds as liquidity for your token, or you raise funding and use a part of that as the liquidity. There is, however, a different way. If you are unfamiliar with bonding curves, you can check out this article about curves and use cases to get caught up.

Liquorice Gen (v1) allows a user to create a token bonded to a curve (aka a token bonding curve). …

Liquorice Gen

TLDR; In the recent Hack Money hackathon, my teammate and I made our entire front-end using just Webflow, ethers.js and vue.js. This was a super quick and easy way to make a fully functional dApp that looks great - you can see ours here.

Our Uniswap track winning submission, Liquorice Gen is a liquidity solution for early-stage dApp’s that need to raise collateral to launch a token. For more information, we have an article explaining Liquorice Gen in more detail here.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a Software as a Service company that offers both designers and developers a relatively new experience of…

This article is intended as a base starting point for understanding the exploitation of the MakerDAO Vault Collateral Auction process that happened on the 12th of March 2020. It is highly recommended that you do your own research, and read the suggested additional materials at the end of this article to get a more rounded and whole understanding.

Before I can explain what went wrong, we need to understand the underlying mechanism of Vaults (they used to be called CDP’s in single collateral Sai). If you already have an understanding, you can skip to here. …

What is a bonding curve, how do they work, what are the different shapes you can use, and what are those shapes best suited for?

This article assumes that you understand the basic concepts of tokens — If you are unsure of what a token is, please read this article first.

The basic concept of a bonding curve

The core concept of a bonding curve is quite simple: The price of a token is determined by its supply. The more tokens that have been distributed, the higher the price.

A Beginner’s Guide to Token Standards: Everything You Need to Know


  • Native token: The token of the blockchain that your token exists within. E.g: Ether is the native token of the Ethereum blockchain. DAI is a token created within Ethereum but is not the native token. It can often be referred to as a coin.
  • ERC: Ethereum Request for Comment. This is used for any suggestion to improve Ethereum and not only for tokens. Community members comment on these requests, which then either gets accepted or rejected by the general community.
  • EIP: Ethereum Improvement Proposals. Once an ERC has received enough positive feedback it gets formalised into an EIP. …

ENS domain manager

ENS has recently released its permanent registrar. With it comes some major changes in the process of acquiring a top-level ENS domain. In this article, I will be taking you through buying a domain, setting that domain up, and how to create subdomains through their new process, step by step.

Not quite sure how ENS works? Check out this quick video intro to ENS. Want to start on a testnet? Check out this how-to guide for testnets.


  1. Prep: Everything you need before you start
  2. Step 1: Checking name availability
  3. Step 2: Buying an ENS domain name
  4. Step 3: Setting up your domain
  5. Step 4: Subdomains
  6. Implementing ENS in a dApp

Prep: Everything you need before you start

Before you start there are a couple of things you should know and have on hand:

  • The name of your domain. Type it somewhere, spell check it and when you need it, copy + paste it.
  • The address you want…

Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

Like any sane blockchain developer, let’s start by going through the process on the testnet. I would also highly recommend reading the whole article before you actually start.

Don’t know the fundamentals? Check out this short video explaining the basics.

Note: This was written before the permanent registrar was released. There will be another article about the mainnet process. The testnet process has not changed.

A quick table of content:

Step 1: Checking name availability

Step 2: “Buying” the domain

Step 3: Setting up your domain

Step 4: Subdomains

Step 1: Checking name availability


Head over to the ENS domain manager. You should land here.

A Guide to Problem-Solving in Solidity.

Problem-solving in Solidity can be a nightmare. It lacks a console.log()and even if there was one, Solidity by nature reverts the entire state and you would not get it anyway. Then there is Error: VM Exception while processing transaction: revert, the most common and frustrating error of them all. Below is a checklist to ensure that you cover all the basics when debugging Solidity errors.

Before going through the debugging list you should have your contract in Remix. …

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