Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

A step by step guide to buying ENS domains on testnets

Like any sane blockchain developer, let’s start by going through the process on the testnet. I would also highly recommend reading the whole article before you actually start.

Don’t know the fundamentals? Check out this short video explaining the basics.


Step 1: Checking name availability.

Head over to the ENS domain manager. You should land here.

Metamask network options

Step 2: “Buying” the domain

If your domain is available you should be redirected to the page below. A few things to take note of, the underlined network (just to be extra sure you are on the right network). Then there is a little notice pointed to, in case you can’t read it there it says:

The page you see once you have searched an available name before you claim it
The page that loads once you have claimed a test domain

Step 3: Setting up your domain

Now you own a domain, its time to set it up. You should notice that the resolver address is blank. The resolver will allow dApps to resolve your domain names. Not sure what that means? Check out this super short video I made explaining the basics.

Saving the address as the address your domain points to.

Step 4: Subdomains

The top bar where you change to subdomains


I was halfway through bidding for a mainnet domain when ENS released their permanent registrar. When they did this pretty much all the tooling for the previous registrar absolutely 💩 themselves. So this section will be updated/linked once all the tools are pointing to the new registrar. These steps for name availability are still valid 😅.

Step 1: Checking name availability.

Head to this website. Its where the listing of names available to buy and sell are. Search your name. If the name you want is taken it will give you the option to “Solicit now”. This will let you bid for the name. Otherwise, it should look like below:

My ether wallet dApps page
An available names page on MEW

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